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Pic spam! (28 pics)

So, I haven't updated in forever. What has been up with me lately? Well, I got these guys:

They're awfully cute, aren't they?

They used to live at the barn that my sister goes to and were there for about four years. The person who used to take care of them moved, so my sister volunteered me to take care of them (she knew I wanted to foster cats anyway). Originally, we were just going to take them in for a little bit, but um, fuck that. They're mine. XD I've had them since about November.

So! Well, here's a rather big pic spam(and explanations).

This is Mocha (or Miss Mocha, Miss Mocha-fattypants):

I imagine that if she was human, she'd be a chubby, very cute and dainty girl who liked to go to tea parties and eat delightful pastries. As a cat, she's a bit too smart for her own good, and is very very food driven. She's currently on a diet. She also knows how to open cabinet doors and drawers. She likes to rip open bags of chips and other stuff just to see if she'd like it. She likes tortilla chips. She doesn't really go up to you to be cuddled, but if you grab her she's perfectly happy with sitting in your lap. She's actually very gentle, even if you annoy her. I'll pet her stomach, and when she gets fed up, she'll actually grab your hand, and very very gently nibble at them before shoving you away. I can just imagine her going, "Stop it~~!!" in a wail and flailing if she was human. She's adorable.

If she was a WoW character, she'd be a mage so she could conjure up her own food.

Fat Mocha is fat.

She's so dainty when she plays.

and this is Murphy (Mr. Murphy, Murph, Murph-ball):

I imagine if he was human that he'd be a supermodel. Srsly. He's absolutely beautiful, fit, and has gorgeous eyes. He's my little brat that I absolutely adore. I have to frequently pick him up and squish him. He's also a drooler. Sometimes when I pet him, he just gets so happy and relaxed that I guess he forgots to swallow in between all the purring. So he drools. He also gets whiny when he's bored. When he sleeps, he likes to drape an arm over his face, and pretty much cuddle himself. It's ridiculously cute. He's really attached to me. If he notices me going upstairs (I go to sleep upstairs sometimes cause his boredom whining wakes me up) he flat out sprints to beat me upstairs. He's obsessed with balls. I've seen him grab one and run off with it to drop it into my bathtub.

If he was a WoW character he'd be a hunter and be excellent at the Princes and keeping the balls up in the air.

He and Mocha play together--

-- but he has the advantage because of how fast and agile he is. There'll be times when he's running after her lazily, and just knocking her feet from under her D:. He can be a bit of a bully at times. Honestly, sometimes I can't tell when they're just playing and when Mocha is getting bullied. I'll break it up if she start's yelping or hissing. But the entire time her tail is up, so I can't tell. I think occasionally he gets too much for her, but she's too nice to really beat him up back.

He's a bit goofy.

If I'm at my computer, he likes to sit on my back.

Er. This is my sister's fault! Really! (didn't stop me from laughing at him)

"i h8t u"

And finally some pics of them being ridiculously cute and cuddling together, which has been happening more and more often. Sometimes Mocha actually sticks her head under Murphy's to make him groom her.

And three minutes later it degenerated into attacking one another.


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