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Figured I should post something.

I had a dream where I was a guy and shot laser beams out of my eyes underwater while going after someone. I got stabbed in the stomach, then there was a chase scene with me trying to get away with a stab wound.

I've been reading X-men fic that primarily features Cyclops this past week. Like, besides work, that's all I'm doing.

So, I may be reading a liittle too much X-men fic. But I don't think I care cause it was a cool dream. I had laser eyes! And dreams where I'm a guy are always fun. Especially if I have sex in the dream, cause they're very wtfish when I wake up.

Also, I think I'm the only person I know who did not like the Star Trek movie. Seriously. I thought it was retarded. Which may partly completely be due to the fact that I really fucking hate time travel. I'm just so sick of it. In books, tv, and movies. I honestly think the only time I've liked time travel was in the SG-1 Continuum movie. I've hated it in every other episode of SG-1 too. I did like the Back to the Future movies simply because it was so retarded that it was just good silly fun. I can tolerate it in the Terminator movies cause I just focus on the action and ignore the plot. But with Star Trek it was just such a huge(all) part of the plot that I couldn't ignore it and focus on the characters.

Then awhile ago my sister recommended a series by Julian May which I read like...2 and half books in the series before I finally gave up(yeah, I'm stubborn. I go, "It'll get better right?" And sometimes it does. It didn't this time. It also didn't with the Anita Blake books. God, I can't believe I read 4-6 books of that shit). Then there was that one series where like...this women gets transported through fairy stone rings or stonehenge or something and stays back in the past and has lots of sex.

I think I read those two books series first and that's what made me get really tired of time travel.

It's been done so many times and whenever it does happen, particularly in a mainstream movie, there's always those few people who are like, "omg that's so cool! it's such a new brilliant idea!!" And I'm just sitting there 'wtfing' over it all cause It's. Been. Done. And it has never made sense. Ever.


Fuck time travel.

P.S. If you like time travel cause you find it fun or whatever, good for you. Just don't tell me how new and exciting of an idea it is. I am glad you find it fun. I just don't. Not anymore.


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