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So last night I dreamt I was Jared Padalecki. I was still my same height though(at least I'm assuming I was since my perspective was from the height of someone tiny, not like a huge giant like Jared is.)

That's even more cracky than two weeks ago when I dreamt I was Cyclops from X-men. Wait, it was a different dream from that one. I can't remember it anymore. I might have been Cyclops but I remember more of Xavier floating around. It was X-men related in any case..
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Figured I should post something.

I had a dream where I was a guy and shot laser beams out of my eyes underwater while going after someone. I got stabbed in the stomach, then there was a chase scene with me trying to get away with a stab wound.

I've been reading X-men fic that primarily features Cyclops this past week. Like, besides work, that's all I'm doing.

So, I may be reading a liittle too much X-men fic. But I don't think I care cause it was a cool dream. I had laser eyes! And dreams where I'm a guy are always fun. Especially if I have sex in the dream, cause they're very wtfish when I wake up.

Also, I think I'm the only person I know who did not like the Star Trek movie. Seriously. I thought it was retarded. Which may partly completely be due to the fact that I really fucking hate time travel. I'm just so sick of it. In books, tv, and movies. I honestly think the only time I've liked time travel was in the SG-1 Continuum movie. I've hated it in every other episode of SG-1 too. I did like the Back to the Future movies simply because it was so retarded that it was just good silly fun. I can tolerate it in the Terminator movies cause I just focus on the action and ignore the plot. But with Star Trek it was just such a huge(all) part of the plot that I couldn't ignore it and focus on the characters.

Then awhile ago my sister recommended a series by Julian May which I read like...2 and half books in the series before I finally gave up(yeah, I'm stubborn. I go, "It'll get better right?" And sometimes it does. It didn't this time. It also didn't with the Anita Blake books. God, I can't believe I read 4-6 books of that shit). Then there was that one series where like...this women gets transported through fairy stone rings or stonehenge or something and stays back in the past and has lots of sex.

I think I read those two books series first and that's what made me get really tired of time travel.

It's been done so many times and whenever it does happen, particularly in a mainstream movie, there's always those few people who are like, "omg that's so cool! it's such a new brilliant idea!!" And I'm just sitting there 'wtfing' over it all cause It's. Been. Done. And it has never made sense. Ever.


Fuck time travel.

P.S. If you like time travel cause you find it fun or whatever, good for you. Just don't tell me how new and exciting of an idea it is. I am glad you find it fun. I just don't. Not anymore.
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These past three days I've been having some very vivid dreams. I'll be fleshing these out. Originally this was supposed to be an outline of the dreams. But got carried away with some of them. I'll be putting them in complete sentences and correcting spelling later.

Thursday night
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Friday night
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Saturday night
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Oh wow, another X-men legends segment. I think it started out with me actually being a mutant and stayed that way. Well, kinda. It started on a boat, very end-of-the-world scenery around. You know--all red, ash floating around, sparks from fires flashing past. These huge heads things were coming out of the tar-lava-water. Now that I think about it, they looked like Sentinals, but in my dream they were a bit more fluid. Like a Sentinal with it's face melting off. So some chicky beside me who wasn't Rogue, was grabbing chunks of wood and flinging it at them. I wanted to help fight them off too, so I tried freezing them. Wasn't working too well. Somehow it sorta, reflected off and hit me again? Cept I wasn't me anymore and it was Iceman laying there with a screwed up leg. I like my self preservation in my dreams. Oh, my character is fucked up, lets become another!

Anyway. That sorta faded out, or I just don't remember enough. Next thing was where me and Bob were doing a mission, we screwed it up before, so we were redoing it. Stuff that takes too long to describe happens, and we end up sneaking up to the last part of the mission. There's a boss standing to the right, we're not supposed to get into her sight yet, but go around to the left, kill some people, and get a danger disk and a comic book. All before this, it was very much realistic...uh, not realistic, cause it's a dream, but not like we're playing the game. Bob there is flipping through a guide in the dream, while being in the game, and Kathy decides to join in. Plus, we figure that maybe that'll keep all our characters alive.

We go in, and Kathy runs to the right. "Shit, shit! Don't get within eyesight of her!" Me and Bob are running to the left, lazer beams flashing by us, we're blasting back. We look to the right, and Kathy's character is right by the boss. We're like shit! And then she dies. The boss sees us by now, and is coming for us. I use some health cause I'm getting low, and the boss' beam takes like a quarter of your life. Kathy comes back as some blond chick that was a cross between Emma Frost, and Storm. We start blasting the boss. Suddenly, there's health bars above the enemy's heads. We're still the characters in the game. Like we're the ones hitting and blasting the enemies, not using a controller. But there's a boss with a health bar above her head.

Anyway, we're kicking her ass now, but we don't want to. We haven't gotten any of the items yet, and there wasn't an extraction point before the boss. We would have to do the entire mission over again if we beat her. But we do. Our surroundings freeze, we see the mission completed screen. Bob's pretty much cursing a throwing a fit now. Where? I don't know. Cause we're certainly not sitting on the living room couch. I think we were still in the characters.

And that was the end of that dream.

I also had a weirdass dream that involved my old house(one from elementary school), going to karate, lots of greyhounds, cheetas, and the cast from Lost visiting.

I would go into further detail, but none of it would make any sense.


Dec. 12th, 2005 01:51 pm
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Dream highlights:

Some guy in my dream managed to bend over and give himself a blowjob and it was very o.o, holy shit, I wish I could do that.

Another part involved a WoW meets fantasy real life type thing. Where I went back to a late lvl 50 cave cause I heard someone screaming for help. Healed them, and go wtf, you're only lvl 3. How the hell did you get in here anyway? Realise that once again my healing spell accidently got switched with me lesser healing spell, and I just wasted mana casting the healing spell on a low level character. That's when it completely leaves the 'playing WoW, controlling a character' point of view, and changes to me definately the character and doing everything myself. Then I see two guys about to try for the quest, which was activated by putting some stone thing in the middle of the room. Sorta stand there uneasily, cause I had just done that quest and it was hard, and they only had two people. Then I noticed that one guy was lvl 50, and the other 14. I go, wtf? SHIT! Run up to them, go put me in the damn party, and use me as a tank. See the guy we're supposed to kill pop up, run over, and began to hack at all the guys there to make sure they were aggroed to me. Luckily the other guys ran past me, and some other high level suddenly there was taking care of them. Then noticed it was taking a long time--see I'm not really supposed to be a tank, not as a shaman, and it's taking fucking forever for this guy to die. I hurridly recast windfury. Then I just stab the guy a couple of times. I sink my sword into his chest in various places before I finally pry out the motherfucking stone from his chest. It was kinda gory. Blood spraying and all that. As well as the resistance I could feel while prying the stone out. I had a really big fucking sword.

Uh anyway.

I'm a dork.

Another dream:

I didn't get my goddamn hug.
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I had some weird ass dreams. The one that stuck most in my mind is when for some reason Bob had to kill all of Tim's cats so somehow we were at Tim's house and he was putting them all 20 of them to sleep. It was pretty horrifying and I was like, "OH GOD! What are we doing?? AH!!!" And certain cats would crawl to each other to die together(like Skippy and Jack, or Weasel and T-bone). Then Tim came in the middle of it and was confused and there was a lot of screaming. Uh yeah. That dream ended quickly.

Had another one where [profile] eienmornie came over to NC randomly. Like she just strolled into [profile] btchi_kitten, [profile] captinluscious, [profile] likeits1999, and [profile] mundanejournal's apartment and it was very 'WTF'ish cause she didn't knock, and she had relatives with her. O_o I was half sleeping then too.

Then I got hungry and made two bags of popcorn, one of which I didn't get around to eating so it was left in Bob's room somewhere, probably lost on the floor.

I also asked a few times how long Mat was staying, but she wouldn't answer. O_o But she told one of the other's that she was staying for a month or so. Her mind wasn't quite made up yet...I think she was just going around the US for the hell of it, and staying for however long she wanted at any place.

I think I woke up after a little bit of more weird stuff. Like Bob posting in SOI(place I used to rp at) using my account, and Mat calling me Miluku there.

Uh. I had a couple more weird dreams, but I don't remember.

Edit 4/2/06:  Was looking through old dreams entries, and for some reason the format was all messed up. Tried to fix it. Hopefully nothing was changed. Had to delete a lot of weird extra coding.


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