Sep. 6th, 2010 04:13 pm
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Sometimes I wish craigslist wasn't the best way to find and post houses for rent.

Scammers usually will copy our ads, use our county's real estate tax records to access the names of the owners to create an email account, and then list it at a lower price. Usually people will notice if two ads are up for the some place and be able to figure out that one of them is a scam. Problem comes when the house is rented out so there's only the scammer's ad up.

Yeah. Someone got scammed and only found out a few days ago, after they were already here. They were so happy at first to happen by my mom who was checking the house out for repairs. Then they found out that they never sent my mom the money and broke down because they have no money and no place to live.

Please be careful when renting houses. It's easy to tell that a Nigerian banker who uses all caps and you just happen to somehow be a long lost relative, and would you please wire them your bank numbers? is a scammer. But these scammers are a lot more tricky, considering they're looking up actual owner names. And especially since some real estate companies do require a deposit to hold the house if you are interested, even before the lease is signed. If possible, always make an appointment or get someone to go to the appointment and enter the house yourself. If not, find a reputable real estate agent to do it for you. Yeah, I know most of you guys won't have a problem with figuring out if something isn't quite right. Just really bothers me that someone is using OUR ads to trick people out of their money.

Example of a fake ad: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/apa/1937162596.html

Yeah, I reported it. Feel free to flag if you'd like.


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