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Sooo, you guys get really rough sketches! Cause there are two. This is actually the challenge I was most looking forward to because I tend to remember my dreams, and my dreams tend to be pretty epic.

The most recent one, being a result of a nap is this one:

Yes, we were hanging on a chalk board, and yes, we were also chibi. And yes, apparently toothless was hangin' with us as well, though he wasn't toothless, but rather some guy character taking the form of a..dragon-pokemon-toothless-flying-creature-thing. There were more people hangin' with us, but I couldn't remember details.

The second one was the first dream I woke up to today. So, sometimes in my dreams, I get my own background soundtrack to set the tone of the scene. Cause my subconcious is awesome like that.

So I was running away from something, flew over a mountain/hill thing, which all of a sudden looked rather blocky, but hey, whatever. And suddenly whatever that was chasing me became THE LICH KING! And right as I looked back and went "OH SHIT!" the soundtrack changed to a heavy guitar metal thing with someone scream-singing, "YOU'RE AD-DIC-TED!" And then I woke up.

Yeah. It was special.

This was kinda what it was like. Minus the mountain I flew over for composition purposes:

Really, I'm not that addicted to WoW. So, I've only been playing for like five years. I don't play everyday!

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