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HI! I've been back from Taiwan since Tuesday(or Monday? The Dec 28th Monday. And now I'm also back from my trip to Seattle >.> I started up this post last week. Oops), but been procrastinating on writing about it(ahaha oops).

The Good:
-Weather! Which was borderline hot some days. 75 degree average.
-OMG cute shoes!
-Cute skirts!
-Taipei museum!
-Weird Asian fashions!
-Jrock looking boys!
-Random guy dressed in all purple! (yeah, I know, fits in with weird Asian fashions, but still!)
-Cute and friendly salesguy who sold me my present for Yogi. Who was very enthusiastic about trying on clothing so we could see what it looked like.
-A random old lady commenting to me Direct translation would be something like, "How strong you are!" Except 'strong' more in reference to withstanding stuff, than actual physical strength. It was a comment on how I was wearing short sleeves in mildly chilly weather(I thought it felt good) while everyone else was bundled in jackets.
-Kanpei! (might have spelled this wrong)
-Paper making museum!

The Bad/Annoying:
-Honking taxis. I don't know why this bugged me so much. But the taxis there honked at everything. Like a moped sitting there at the side of the steet. Or someone standing there. Or...I don't even know what they were honking at half the time. If my relatives can get through driving a car in Taiwan without honking every few minutes, then they can too.

-Getting sick. The flight back had layovers in Japan(for 6 hours) and Chicago(2 hours) before heading to Raleigh. Kaohsiung to Nakita was a 3-4 hours flight I think, Nakita to Chicago was 11 hours. Chicago to Raleigh was 1.5 hours. I got sick 30 minutes into the flight from Japan to Chicago. I don't know what was wrong. I pretty much threw up(lost count at 7 times) from Japan to an hour into the flight from Chicago to Raleigh. I ate the exact same food as my sister. We even shared plates in Japan, and for dinner the night before. I was not feverish, dizzy, coughing, and didn't even have a running nose. I was perfectly ok except for the nausea. And no, I am not pregnant. I don't get sick on planes from turbulence unless I'm reading. Which I was not doing. So yeah, NO IDEA. I was still feeling iffy even yesterday. Today's been good though (*I started writing this post on the 3rd).

-Crappy Taipei weather. Apparently in the winter Taipei is cloudy and drizzly the entire time.

-Relatives feeding us food and drinks. There were points where my sister and I were tired of eating. Also, because of the amount of drinks they kept on buying us(since they knew we liked bubble tea and don't really have much of that where we live), I kept on needing to pee every hour. Which is annoying if you're taking a road trip.

-Sales people who kept on talking to us until I'll have to tell them that I actually couldn't understand what they were saying in Mandarin. Where they then paused to try to figure out how the hell someone under the age of 60 couldn't understand Mandarin but could talk in Taiwanese. And thereby causing embarrassment for the both of us when it's revealed we were from the US. My sister could understand more Chinese than I could. I'm the one who took 3 years of Chinese in highschool. IDK. My memory is bad okay?

-The grandma shuffle. My grandma walked reaaallly slow. Which is fine. Unless you've been walking at a crawling pace for 30 minutes and then your feet start hurting cause you're just walking that slow. Though, asian people there in general walk really slow.

Places we went to:
-Taipei: for the weekend. We visited my mother's side 2nd uncle's eldest daughter and a friend. It was really fun.
-Tainan: This is where most of my family lives. It has really good food. While we were there we pretty much visited relatives, ate a lot, and shopped every day.
-Kaohsiung: For a day. This is where my mother's side 2nd uncle's family lives.
-Kanting: Southern-most Taiwan. Very pretty. Went for a day and stayed overnight.


Seattle: Visited two of my best friends. Can be summed up with ZOMG KITTENS!

And I'm posting this cause otherwise I'll never finish it. I'll do a follow up post with pictures later. :D
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